Required dependencies

For parallel computing

For plotting


MONET itself is a pure Python package, but some of its dependencies may not be. The simplest way to install MONET is to install it from the conda-forge feedstock:

$ conda install -c conda-forge monet

This will install all of the dependencies needed by MONET and MONET itself.

xesmf is an optional dependency and can be installed easily from conda-forge, Note xesmf is not available on windows due to the dependency on esmpy and esmf.:

$ conda install -c conda-forge monet

To install MONET from source code you must install with pip. This can be done directly from the GitHub page:

$ pip install git+

or you can manually download it from GitHub and install it from source:

$ git clone
$ cd MONET
$ pip install .

MONET has dropped support for python 2.7 and requires python 3.6+. For more information see the following references: