Installing on WCOSS

If you have access to the NOAA WCOSS machines you can create your own Python environments very easily using Intel Python.:

module load ips/

Then it is suggested to create a .condarc file that lives in your $HOME folder to point to a location that will house your Conda environments. Below is a sample .condarc file.

  - intel
  - conda-forge
  - defaults
  - /gpfs/dell2/emc/verification/noscrub/User.Name/conda/envs
  - /gpfs/dell2/emc/verification/noscrub/User.Name/conda/pkgs

Next you should start a new environment by cloning the default environment to a new name. This can be done in a single command.

conda create -n myenv --clone="/usrx/local/prod/intel/2019UP05/intelpython3"

A prompt should come up and tell you to activate the environment you just created, myenv.

source activate myenv

From here you can install any package the same way you could on regular Anaconda installations.

conda install -c conda-forge monet